1) The problem → our customers should have a high-level understanding of their business today and how it's trending over time. Ideally, we could give insights into the most important KPIs for a business with members and revenue.
  • Funnel (if Memberstack is installed cross channels)
  • Customer engagement & retention
  • High-level revenue stats.
  • Total member count and growth
2) Why is this important → Figure out where to dig in (from the perspective of the company, team, growth, support, etc.) It's an important gauge of your business (can we hire, should we cut spending, increase marketing, etc.)
3) What's your plan B → Stripe for revenue, analytics tools for funnel metrics, retention, & engagement. Analytics tool for detailed member analytics.
4) Possible solutions we could build for you →
A) Make it easy to share data that are normally inaccessible to other analytics tools by default (not sure this problem exists... maybe login events, for example?)
B) Create an analytics dashboard like Stripe.