1) The problem → I can only create a coupon that works for a single billing cycle or lasts forever. I would like to add a custom coupon duration of something like 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months. I'd like my customer to take advantage of this and be charged full price once the coupon duration is up.
2) Why is this important → I would love for my online business to be a bit more dynamic and leave me in better control with more options I can provide my customers.
3) What's your plan B →No reasonable hacky workarounds are available for me. I would have my members continuously apply a custom coupon to their existing subscription, but this isn't possible for me yet as addressed here:
4) Possible solutions we could build for you → A solution that provides me more control of how the coupons work that allow me to customize the duration of the coupons I offer my customers.