- Make Zapier integration public
: Currently because the memberstack Zapier app is in Beta it only allows 100 actions in 60 seconds. To increase this Memberstack would need to publish the app out of beta. This would also make it easier to discover Memberstack's Zapier integration.
- Change membership via Zapier
1) The problem → I'm unable to change a user's membership through a Zap
2) Why is this important → We're trying to use membership levels as part of a multi-step onboarding process in which some portion of the process is private then later gets upgraded to public.
3) What's your plan B → Possibly changing members over manually.
4) Possible solutions we could build for you → Have the Zapier be able to change the membership
- Create a new membership plan via Zapier
- Zapier Trigger when member information is updated
1) The problem →
Currently when a user updates their profile info such as first name, last name, or email address through the native Memberstack profile modal, the update cannot be used as a Zapier trigger to update the member's data stored in Webflow or Airtable. This leads to having some data that's outdated and inaccurate.
2) Why is this important →
It's important to have member data that's accurately synced up between all platforms and databases and is up-to-date.
3) What's your plan B →
Plan B right now is to try and remember that First Name, Last Name, and Email address is most accurate in Memberstack's database.
4) Possible solutions we could build for you →
Currently Zapier has a Member Updated trigger, but it's pulling up samples of newly created members, not most recently updating. Possible solution would be to pull up updated members as samples.