1) The problem →
I want to use Memberstack, but I cannot distribute variable recurring payments to future members.
2) Why is this important →
We offer a service with recurring payments, which exist out of a monthly fee based on variable data. Our service is FX trading software, and our customers pay a monthly fee based on the profits they made that month. This would result in a unique, variable recurring fee for each member each month.
3) What will happen if this goes unsolved →
I cannot use Memberstack without this feature, so I have to search for another solution.
4) Possible solutions →
We store our clients' monthly profit data in an Airtable database. A solution could be to feed the monthly commission data per member to Memberstack via Zapier, and then a variable monthly payment would be created automatically per customer in Memberstack.
Created by Chukwudi Onyekwere
June 8, 2022